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The competitive advantage of PC-based control technology in building automation

Any individual or company that is concerned with sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions and taking social responsibility to meet global climate targets must ask itself a key question: what are the solutions that could significantly reduce total global energy consumption, especially in buildings, which account for a large proportion of energy consumption? This is not only an ecological issue, but increasingly an economic one as well. The interests of investors and operators are the same: only energy-efficient buildings that continuously optimize energy monitoring and energy efficiency management are truly sustainable buildings.

Through cross-system building automation solutions, such as our PC-based building control system, building energy efficiency and sustainable development can be achieved, bringing "green building" to the public life. All the technical functions are integrated into the same platform. This can benefit all participants in the whole value chain of the building: architects enjoy high creative freedom and work efficiency; Designers can improve design reliability while reducing complexity; System integrators can simplify engineering work and improve process reliability; Operators can significantly reduce their operating costs and reduce maintenance efforts; Investors can obtain higher investment security.

Record all the data points in one system

Heating Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC)

The TwinCAT 3 Building Automation software library provides software packages for building automation including functional blocks such as HVAC controls. This can help system integrators significantly simplify the implementation of HVAC technology. Features such as summer night cooling, summer compensation, backup operations, scheduling, etc. are available as off-the-shelf software modules. The HVAC software module can be controlled according to the occupancy situation, which can further tap the energy saving potential of the system.

Room automation

The functions of lighting, shading, window control, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in room automation can be combined with each other on a central platform to intelligently control all systems. This reduces the number of physical data points and thus the potential for errors. In addition, using only one system to obtain all data is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of energy consumption monitoring. Automated shading and solutions that control lighting by daylight provide significant energy savings. It can also easily integrate traditional room control units via KNX/EIB, Modbus and EnOcean.

Multimedia technology

Because our automation platform supports common protocols and interfaces used in multimedia and building technology, it is able to control all devices and systems used in the industry. In addition, the integration of audio-visual multimedia technology with building automation technology opens up new application possibilities, such as easy control and operation of multimedia equipment in meeting rooms.

Operation and Monitoring

Customers' specific requirements for remote operation and maintenance, energy and energy data acquisition, air handling monitoring and supply vary depending on the type and functionality of the building. TwinCAT HMI software is ideal for visualizing all data in building control and monitoring systems. Visualization can be done on either a native panel PC or a control panel connected to an industrial PC or an embedded controller. Meanwhile, any HTML5-enabled browser, such as those in smartphones and tablets, can be used to open the HMI visual interface. The TwinCAT IoT feature also enables simple, secure communication with cloud services.

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